$40 – 3hr

$80 – 24hr

$275 – 5 days

*Discounts given for multiple rentals*

Quality and reliability are crucial factors that we at George’s Scooters consider when selecting our scooter rental fleet. We rent the best quality scooters paired with the best scooter rental rates. Our rental scooters are maintained and inspected after each use to ensure an enjoyable experience for our scooter rental customers. All of our scooter rentals are 49cc and require only a valid drivers license. Our scooter rental age restriction is 21 years of age. The insurance on our scooter rentals covers the third party, so, if you were to hit someone THEY are covered, the renter is responsible for all damage to themselves and the rental scooter. We hand picked the Genuine Brio as our rental scooter model for numerous reasons:

  • Fuel injection
    • Our scooter rentals will start every time. Hot, cold, wet.. it doesn’t matter. They won’t leave you stranded; and won’t turn what should be an enjoyable experience, into a burden.
  • LED lighting
    • The brightest headlights to make our riders the most visible, and safe as possible
  • 12″ wheels with front and rear disk brakes
    • More stable riding especially around the beach along with the most responsive braking possible.
  • Passenger compatibility
    • While the Genuine Brio is a compact scooter that is easy to maneuver, it also rides “two up” comfortably.